Virtual Reality Education



  • George Mason University

  • 04.11.2022

• Utilized Amazon Web Services to deploy a private Mozilla Hubs server on an Amazon AWS EC2 instance (t3.medium) to conduct our user study. Used Glances to monitor its resource utilization and tcpdump to capture and analyze the network traffic on the server side.

• Modified open-source Mozilla Hubs client code and injected custom scripts to extract user-data and client-side performance.

• Created an API to collect client-side data sent by scripts to be saved and later analyzed for research.

• Gave a VR lecture to a graduate class and later assisted others in using my platform for education purposes.

• Developed my own virtual reality education space with the following features to enhance education:

  • Break-out rooms with custom audio properties to avoid noise polluted conversations.
  • Augmented notes to aid instruction.
  • Audio-zone to amplify the volume of instructor.