Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? – Virtual Reality Game


As the sole developer, I designed, developed, and optimized gameplay and all game elements to produce a product that is complete and ready to be used in research and user testing.
Funneled knowledge from research in gameplay engineering to design and develop an addictive and exciting game.
• Recorded human motion, medical wristband (E4) data, gameplay progress data, and user ratings to train a custom machine learning algorithm.

Proposed a novel application that uses machine learning to predict users’ difficulty perception in virtual reality games.
Addressed issues in VR game design by adapting decades of non-VR game design and gameplay engineering research.
Obtained IRB certificate, collected data by conducting 70+ user studies, and trained a recurrent neural network to understand recurring relationships between game parameters, user data, and gameplay data.


Note: This game has been used for research in my master's thesis and an ACM publication submission.