Erdem Murat

I am a Computer Science Master's student at George Mason University with a research focus on Virtual Reality. I am scheduled to graduate May 2023 and hope to pursue a job in VR development/research post-graduation. I am seeking roles that support international students like myself.

About Me

  • Computer Science master's student at George Mason University. Scheduled to graduate May 2023.
  • Looking for full-time jobs in VR Development/Engineering, SWE, ML, CV, Game Engineering and Graphics Engineering.
  • Expertise in developing VR systems for education, sports, and game research, as demonstrated through my involvement in relevant research.
  • Has publication "Understanding User Experience of Online Education in Metaverse: A Systems Perspective" under review and completed a master’s thesis on "Machine Learning Automation for Virtual Reality".
  • Experience with Unity, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and Autonomous Robotics.
  • Volunteer for teaching, mentoring, and consulting VR development and education.